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Disability Insurance should also be called a pay cheque insurance, simply because if you are rendered disabled and cannot work, then who will pay you if you don’t work!

Unless you have friends and relatives who are willing to support you till age 65 (which is when you can apply for some old pension etc), you are dependent on these friends and relatives to support you every month.

Or, if you do not have any resources, then you should have a disability insurance in place.

Disability can happen due to 2 reasons, accident or illness. Disability Insurance is designed to protect your ability to earn income should a disability strike.

Let me help you plan ahead so that you have the peace of mind knowing that your family is covered should something unexpected happened to you.  I am just a phone call away in Brampton or Mississuaga, Ontatio. So, please call me at  647 219 1414 or  me and let me help you.