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Sandi Sethi is a licensced Insurance broker & Financial Advisor company in Brampton, Ontario providing the Life Insurance Assistance. Life Insurance, as the name suggests, pays out at the time of the claim. You buy life insurance based on your requirements and not what your friend or neighbour has! Now, the biggest question is how much is how much? Well, it depends on what your requirements are? In other words, it is also called a needs analysis. For e.g. if your household needs a yearly income of $50,000 and the main bread winner dies, then, a life insurance of One million will probably yield $50,000 @5%.

The biggest benefit of in Canada is that it is paid out Tax free! There are many types of insurances available, for e.g. you can buy a policy for 10 years, 20 years or permanent. There are also some fermentations and combinations available to suit your needs.

That is where a broker life insurance (who works for you and not the company) can help you and recommend a suitable product. I offer a no obligation quote at the comfort of your home, or if you would like to meet over a cup of coffee. I am available in my two locations of Brampton & Mississauga, Ontario. Please contact me by  at 647 219 1414 or by  and you be at peace of mind to know that I am working for you and I will find you exactly what you are looking for.