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I am a licensed Insurance broker & Financial Advisor located in Brampton & Mississauga, Ontario. I provide you value with price. I am in the business of helping families and business owners achieve their financial security and goals. Insurance serves the exposures faced on a daily basis  and I help you transfer that risk.

I have been providing insurance services for the last 10 years in Ontario and hold a Chartered Insurance Professional designation from the Insurance Institute of Canada and also a Canadian Risk Manager Designation. Insurance is a highly regulated profession in Ontario and you need to be licensed to offer insurance, I hold a Registered Insurance broker license and also a Full Life Insurance license approved by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. I also help families with small children get government grants up to $7200, and you may also qualify for additional grants.

Here is the big question, why buy from Sandi !

Here are some of the reasons:

  • Sandi works for you and not for the Insurance company
  • Sandi has been in the Insurance profession for years
  • Sandi offers you options, and lets you decide
  • Sandi shows you the value, and not just cheap price
  • Sandi has TWO offices to serve you from, and a NO obligation, in home consultation as well
  • Sandi has many satisfied clients and the testimonials are available on the website
  • Sandi offers you a product based on your need
  • Sandi offers a variety of Insurance products
  • Sandi does not show any tricks, just Tools
  • Sandi believes in Long Term Client Relationships, and thus invests his time and effort

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